Thursday, April 21, 2011

My day in numbers

16 loads of laundry to do
2 stores shopped at
3 hours of school done
4 times I cleaned the kitchen
2 full loads in the dishwasher
2 dozen eggs boiled ready to dye
2 dozen eggs dropped and cracked 
1 dozen eggs worth still dying
2 more dozen eggs boiled so we have enough for every one to dye and be happy about it
8 times my lawn mower died while mowing tonight. The grass was so long it kept jamming.
8 the time hubby arrived home
1 child napped this afternoon
4 number of outfits Asher has changed into today. And each got dirty. Thus the laundry.
3 poopy diapers changed
4 Easter baskets assembled
1 awesome man putting the oldest
2 boys in bed so we can spend about 
1 hour together before we both pass out. 

And there is a little bit of my day. So glad the sun was shining I felt much more awake to take on all the day had for me. :)

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