Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have a dream

I have a dream.
That one day I will have a clean bathroom
that the seat will be down 
the toilet will be flushed
the the floor will not have a puddle due to bad aim.
I have a dream.

I have a dream
that I will sweep a floor 
and there will not be crumbs, dirt, and milk puddles
before I am even finished. 
I have a dream.

I have a dream. 
That I will clean a room,
any room in the house, 
and it will stay clean for more than 24 hours
I have a dream. 

I have a dream
That one day breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
I will sit the whole meal. 
I will have drinks without backwash
I will have food that isn't cold
I will prepare a meal that has mushrooms, tomatoes, or anything green
and not one tear will be shed!
I have a dream.

I have a dream. 
That one day I will speak
and the children will run in obedience.
I will ask them to put shoes on 
and they will know where BOTH of them are. 
That I will say "let's get in the van to go"
and they will all buckle themselves in. 
I have a dream. 

I have a dream. 
That one day we will be able to watch a DVD
that was in the correct case 
and is not so scratched it can't be read.
That the floor of my van will 
not be littered with empty juice boxes and granola bar wrappers. 
That my shirt will not be used 
as a kleenex or napkin.
I have a dream.

Yes, I have a dream, but for now it is only a dream. So, I will go back to my messy little life for the moment and enjoy it. Some day this dream may be a reality and I might miss all this mess. :)

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The Energizer Mommy said...

I love this post! I really think every mom can relate to it on some, or many levels. Thanks for speaking what we are all thinking - miss seeing you!