Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aha moments

The past few days I have a had a few "aha moments" happen. I thought I would shard some of the deep things happening in my brain. 

I have become THAT mom with THOSE kids.
We went to the mall play area this week with some friends. As I was sitting enjoying talking to my friends I looked around and my boys were leading a pack of dragons roaring and screaming and running. Best part, I just kept talking to my friends. Then as we were packing up my two oldest were on the ground wrestling each other. No joke, in head lock, wrestling. THEN as we were leaving I stopped for a minute to talk to one of my friends for just a few minutes and one of my children is literally running a large lap around us all. Yep, I confess, I am THAT mom. Yep, I have THOSE kids. And, honestly, I love it. 

I am old...

Last night we had an all nighter with the youth. I love working with the students at our church. LOVE IT! I sometimes forget that I am not still a teen. Until you mention staying up all night long. Then I remember, Oh yeah, I have to be a mom at 8am (if I'm lucky and they sleep til then). They don't care if I didn't sleep. They want I had to laugh because I used to love going to these, but this time Dan and I took shifts. I stayed until 1am, got to bed by 2am, and woke up at 8am. I am functional and happy. My husband, however, has not had this "aha moment" and is currently asleep because he didn't get home until after 8am. 

I am getting better at being a homebody

I love to go. I used to hate days where I never left the house, but with homeschooling, house keeping, and overall getting done of life. I am finding I like being home. This really is a BIG FAT DEAL for me. Ask anyone who has known me longer than a day. I am learning how to be at home and we do really well with it. (Except Isaac who is more naturally inclined to want to leave the house as well and starts going nuts after a full day at home.) It is amazing to me how much more I accomplish when I don't overbook my week and plan to purposely stay home. I know this should be a DUH, but for me it is a refining process.

So, those are a few of my self discoveries this week. Any one else learning things this week?