Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reality check

Some days I really need to do a check on myself. Here we are coming into Christmas. I am looking at all the shiny toys that would be so much fun to have wrapped under our tree. I see all the great deals online and I want to get them all. I mean if they are so deeply discounted it just makes good sense. Right?...

Then I look at my basement. We have so many toys. I try really hard to only allow and keep what my kids play with frequently and are beneficial (blocks, dress up, trains, etc.). I think if we didn't get another toy for Christmas my kids would not be any worse off. Asher plays with his trains everyday for hours. Isaac uses his imagination to build block houses for his beanie babies. Levi is loving to watch and learn from his brothers, and as long as he has his lovey bear nothing else matters. I need to keep my eyes on what is important this Christmas. It isn't how many presents I can get for how cheap I can get them. The real fun of Christmas is not just watching the joy when my kids see their gifts, but also the joy that comes from spending time together. Ultimately, my favorite part of Christmas is hearing my kids tell me in their words how Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

So, I guess in reality I need to back away from the sale ads and remember the greatest gift of all. I know it sounds redundant, but Christ came to earth to save me. I want to make sure that through the fun and gifts and cookies and decorations and stories and food and parties that we keep perspective of what it is really all for.

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