Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living on less- preschool

This is Isaac on his first day of Tuesday school in September. 
I thought that once my kids were out of diapers there would be this huge let up on kids finances. I mean we were spending a ton of money to just throw it away! Then after potty training comes preschool. Holy cow, have you priced local preschools? Seriously? I started pricing awhile back and the least expensive preschool I could find was around$100/month. That is almost have my monthly grocery budget!

So, time to look for alternatives. First off, preschool is not mandatory so option one is just don't send them. Another option is public preschool. I have several friends who have their kids enrolled in these and love them. They are high quality educational schooling. Some even have bus service. AMAZING! However, these fill up fast, and aren't easy to get into. 
So, we went with another option in our area. Tuesday school. It is a ministry at a local church which is available once a week (Tuesday in case you hadn't guessed). It serves for socialization and they do learn some basics. 

If you are in the Dayton area and this sounds like an option you are interested in you can call Crossview Christian Church at 937-885-7402 and ask for Miss Diane. I do know that it is first come first serve, but for a free preschool you can't beat it. Children do have to be fully potty trained to attend.

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