Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home school for preschool

Yesterday I talked about how Isaac goes to Tuesday school. Which is great for socialization and also some basic learning. But we do a lot more at home too. Today we worked on writing the letter G. Also, learned number 2.
We are focusing on learning how to hold a pencil with Isaac. He struggles with some small motor skills. 
Using scissors is another way to help build small motor skills. This is a cutting worksheet.

While Isaac works on his lesson, Asher has his own work. Today he was working with beads. First stringing them. Then we played sorting games with them. Asher sorted by color and shape.

Isaac also used the beads to make patterns and expand on his shapes. Cylinder, cube, and sphere were one of the ways we sorted the beads. 
That is just a few things we did today I'm hoping to get to the library soon to get Isaac his first card. He is really excited about it. I am too. I love kids books!

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