Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Freezer cooking- Black beans

This was my first attempt at using dry beans. I was a little nervous, but then I figured if it went wrong it was only one bag and I could move on with my life. So first, I soaked them for about 16 hours. Then drained and rinsed them.
Next I boiled them for about an hour and then simmered them for another hour. Again then I drained and rinsed. This is where I should have seasoned, but I wanted to see how they were with no added flavor.
Then I laid them all out on paper towel to dry.

Next I put them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer for about an hour.

When they came out they went into a freezer bag and stuck in the freezer.
This was really pretty easy. Most of the steps I could walk away from. We had some last night and the only thing my hubby said was that next time I should season them a little. So, now I know for next time, but it was so easy to just scoop out what I needed . I think this will be a new monthly cooking project.


Amy McSwegin said...

Alright, Challenge! Now post what you USE them in.... :-)

iheartdeals said...

Good idea!