Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu plan

Okay, So I started this month with the goal of eating out of our pantry, but I didn't realize we were somewhat low on, I upped my budget to $100 this month. Since Meijer has chicken $1.79/lb I felt like i should take advantage.

This is going to be an interesting and creative month for me. First we are eating from our pantry. Second, Dan and I both started weight watchers today. Third, I am cutting out all red dye from my kids. I'm finding that this hasn't been too hard since I cook a lot. The big thing that it is in for us is fruit snacks. So, my menu plan has a lot of factor competing against each other.

The dinners are what I focus on. The other meals are merely suggestions. :)

Monday-BBQ chicken, baked potato, green beans, salad
Tues-Sausage and Potatoes, salad
Wed- Lasagna (House church)
Thurs. Potato soup
Fri- Salad bar
Sat- left overs
Sun- youth group.

Cereal (x2)
Eggs (x3)

Salad, baked potato (x4)
left overs(x2)

Banana bread
veggies and dip
cheese cubes
100 calorie packs

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