Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting organized.

In a constant effort to figure out what works best for us in the space we have Dan and I worked on organizing this past week. Our major goal was to tackle the garage and some of the problem areas. We started by organizing clothes into bins with the appropriate sizes. This was a task seeing as how we have a lot of kids clothes and I haven't done a good job of getting them where they go when they are not in use.

Once that was done my big goal was food storage. I know I did this not too long ago, but I was running out of room. So I asked Dan to get a new large shelf for me and then I made the small shelf a place to keep kid stuff.

This should be much more functional for us now. It keeps all the food, cleaning, and paper products in one area. Plus, I freed up quite a bit of space in our toy storage by moving the stuff I didn't want them playing with on their own out to the garage. This shelf is for games, puzzles, crafts, and playdough. All things I will plan to use at the table.

Also, by moving puzzles out of the closets it is helping me to organize the boys rooms a little better. Their closet isn't finished, but it is getting there.

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