Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Living on less...

I love a deal! In case you didn't know I love snagging something at an extra low price. Now is that time of year. Semi annual sales are everywhere! Bath and body works, yankee candle, Victoria Secret the list goes on. I have seen so many good deals on line it is killing me. But I am working hard to ask myself the question "do I really need it?". It may be a good deal, but where does it fit in my already full house.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for stockpiling at the lowest price. However, I have found myself buying so much because it is a good deal that I struggle to use it all. My kids have so many clothes already. They have so many toys. We as a family have so much. I'm trying to stay focused on how blessed we already are. And trying not to focus on what we don't have.

I'm starting to get more organized. I'm by no means there yet, but before I add too much more "stuff" I need to deal with what we already have.

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