Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu Monday

So, I figured out my weekly menu and then I looked at the store ads...nothing is jumping out at me. I think this will be a good week to just use what I have on hand. I only need a handful of things so I may just do a quick trip for milk and produce and wait and see if next week has anything better for me...I'm feeling a little down in the coupon dumps lately. I haven't been overly amazed by grocery deals. I've stayed with in my budget, but I've mostly just been eating down some of our stockpile. Which is good because it was getting a bit too full (if that is possible).

I'd love to hear about anyone else getting some good grocery deals. I need some motivation.

1 comment:

Amy McSwegin said...

I agree, Abby... I feel like the coupons lately have been terrible...