Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

It is the last day of 2009. I can't believe that it was a decade ago that we were ringing in the new millennium. I was sixteen that year and I went to a youth group party at swan lake resort. It was my first new years I could drive. I went on a subway run and I got lost somewhere in Amish country for almost 2 hours trying to find my way back to the hotel. I almost hit a buggy, and we never did get subs, but that sure was a memory. That was also the last New Years I spent without my husband. The next year I had a party in my parents basement Dan was absent because he was with the Purdue marching band, but we had fun with a Karaoke machine just hanging out at home. Then there was New Years of 2002. I went to the youth party to show off my engagement ring. By 2004 I was married. 2005 I was expecting our first baby. 2006 Isaac was here. 2007 Asher was here. 2008 we were pregnant with #3. J

So that brings us up to now. Funny how fast ten years goes. So much has changed. In 10 years I went from high school to wife and mom of 3. It has been a wonderful and eventful 10 years. This year alone has been eventful. There were goals that I wanted to reach, new additions, friends that have moved away, and lots of stuff in between.

It has been a big year for Isaac. He has accomplished potty training, a task that seemed impossible for so long. He started Tuesday school in September, which is a free once a week preschool. He is in 5t clothes because he is so tall. Yesterday I had to loosen his jeans because he is starting to fill out. That is a huge blessing after a month long scare with illness. After lots of testing and a long string of yucky sickness all is fine and he is very healthy.

Asher is at a very challenging age. The terrible two's has reared its ugly head in my sweet boy. He is my most emotional child, and at time that is wonderful we have to learn how to channel this emotion for good. He is so smart and I think he may have his Daddy's brain. He loves blocks and can build towers that are very cool. Anything with wheels appeal to him, and of course his love for football is unchanging. He and Dan will sit on the couch mesmerized. It is funny to watch. I think he is almost ready for potty training. He has started taking off his diaper…here we go. In a strange turn of events I had to tighten, bubba's jeans the other day. He is getting tall and thin now. He is still in 2t, but shirts he needs a 3t. It will never cease to amaze me how different they are.

July 29 we welcomed Levi Brian Robert to the world and our family. He is now five months old. He is such a joy. I love this age. They are smiley and so much fun. He has been a struggle to nurse, but now that we are mostly on bottles I feel like he is happier so I am ok too. He is quite the spitter upper though. That is a stage I look forward to moving out of. He is getting so big so fast. I love that he is so cuddly and sweet. I know it won't be long until he is running around with his brothers.

Dan is the most amazing husband ever. He is consistently wonderful. I love to watch him be a dad. He does an amazing job. He is such an amazing example to us of Christ's love and I am so thankful for him. He also had a big accomplishment this year. After months of studying he passed the professional engineering exam and is officially state certified. Passing on the first try is a huge thing. I'm so proud of him. He never ceases to amaze me as to how well he balances everything and does all aspects of his life well, and to the glory of the Lord.

Then there is me. I feel like so much of my accomplishments are wrapped up in that of my family. God has been teaching me so much through my job as a mom. I'm learning that my selfishness so often affects how I parent. I am working hard to train the hearts of my children, but all too often I don't take the time to do it. I have started homeschooling for preschool (when Isaac isn't at Tuesday school). I am at this point about 99% sure we will be starting out homeschooling. I am so excited for the opportunity to teach my children and train them in the Lord. I am blessed that I am surrounded by several friends who also home school so I will have mentors along the way.

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2010 holds for our family. I know that the Lord has big plans and I am excited to see them played out. Happy New Year every one.

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