Friday, June 5, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

I am 31 weeks pregnant today! Time is flying, which is nice, because I am getting more and more uncomfortable. The nursery is ready, we have most of the equipment we need ( I think) most of it is hanging out in the garage... I need to dig out my pump and a few other random things that I have I just don't have out. So I am on track for being prepared.

But then, in typical me fashion I feel having a new baby is not enough to keep me busy. SO...we put our house on the market. Why? Because we can. But in order to sell a house it must look nice. SO... Dan has been working on the yard like crazy and I have been cleaning out the inside like crazy. Leaving us with a huge pile of stuff in our garage. The most logical thing to do would be to add something else to my plate and have a garage sale.

Now, I love a good garage sale. The thrill of getting rid of clutter and have people pay me for it almost makes me giddy. I love the thought of making back some of the cash we have dished out on mulch and flowers and other household stuff. But now I have to price it all! That is my least favorite part. I actually like organizing all the stuff. I like setting up my yard to look like a department store.

This year we are doing it with several families. One family is done having babies so she has a lot of kids stuff. One family has a TV another some random furniture. We have an array of household stuff and toys that we just don't have room for.

I love to be busy, but sometimes I wonder why I fill my plate. I know the reward will be a big pay off. If nothing else I will be able to find all the baby stuff hiding in my garage.

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