Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Do

Do you ever just feel like you have so much to do it consumes your thoughts. That's why I love a list if I can get it out on paper I feel like it is out of my mind at least for a time. So I thought I'd type out a few of my to dos. Just to get them out of my head. Not a whole lot exciting just what I want to accomplish in the next few days.

Clean all glass surfaces
Finish laundry
Clean out fireplace
Organize desk (never ending)
vacuum and shampoo carpets

Main Level:
Clean glass surfaces
Clean fridge
Clean oven
Clean kitchen surfaces

change all sheets
Shampoo carpets
Organize closets
sort magazines next to bed

Write birth plan
Get together phone chain
Line up babysitter and backup for kids
Narrow down baby names
install car seat (37 weeks)
Go through garage to find misc baby items (pump, swing, pack n play)
Find a homecoming outfit for baby
Start to pack bags
Review labor terms
Get a gift from the baby to the boys (I want them to feel special even if the new guy is getting extra attention)

I'm sure there is more, there is always more, but that is a good jumping off point.

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