Wednesday, June 24, 2009

eyes closed

Isaac is working on going poop in the potty. Today he was sitting in the bathroom. We had read a few books and he was not getting anywhere. So I told him to push and see what happened. He started grunting and closed his eyes. Then he opened one eye and kept the other closed tight. He stopped for a minute and said, "did you see me close my eyes, Mommy? One eye is for pooping, but two eyes are for sleeping..."
I thought is was funny, but I am his mom.


i'm beccy. said...

Very funny!!! Where do they get this kind of stuff! Love from Colorado (at the moment).

Anonymous said...

It is funny, but I am another mom! :) John hasn't pooped on the potty yet, and I keep telling him that we don't go poopy in our pullups. Well, my babysitter found him with poop in his hand a couple nights ago. Um... yeah.

iheartdeals said...

Ah, the joys of potty training. That needs to go in John's baby book. He'll love to hear about it when he is in high school.