Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When did that happen

I have said it before and I will say it again. I have the BEST friends. I mean seriously, if you aren't friends with these people you are missing out. One thing I love is when my friends have kids and our kids become friends.

For example, Brady and Isaac have been best friends since birth. I love watching these boys together.
Here they are as itty bitty babies. Isaac is in the yellow and Brady is int he sport shirt. See how they are best friends. Adorable, I know. Well, they are not babies anymore. They are in Kindergarten this year and they are both so tall and lanky. But they are still best friends. We recently celebrated Brady and his brother Austin's birthday. Between three families we have 8 boys and NO girls (yet). So, it was crazy and fun to watch these little boys running around and being nutso. I love it!

Then I look at this picture and I think 'What the heck!' they are all so HUGE. That is Isaac and Brady on the end. My BABY is in the middle. He is ridiculous enormous. I love this though. I hope in another six years we have a picture just like this (but with Declan in there too he was crawling around). I love that my boys have friends that they have known since the womb. A friend you share history with is so special. I am so thankful for these special kiddos in my life and in the lives of my boys.

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