Monday, April 23, 2012

Planning ahead

On Friday we had a chance to hop into the Midwest Homeschool Convention. It was much different from last year. We only went down for the day and we had the kids. Dan came for the morning and then he had a meeting to go to.

It was still a blessing. A friend gave us a ticket to attend so that was super exciting. I think this will be a good time each year to go and just get rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the year, and excited about the next year.

We are figuring out exactly what we want to do for next year. Isaac did K12 this year and for now the plan is to continue for next year. There are a few things I don't love so we will be supplementing, but for the most part he is taken care of. Bubba, is a different story. He is just within the cut off date so we could legally start him. He is very ready for some curriculum, but we aren't sure we want him to be that young.

So, we decided to start him on K curriculum and see how he does. The beauty of homeschooling him is that we can move him ahead at his own pace.

Here is what next year looks like for each of our kiddos so far

K12- Math, Language Arts, History, Science, Art, and Music
Explode the code- Phonics practice
A Reason for- Handwriting and Spelling.  I love love love these. I am still a big fan of HWT, but I think this should be a great fit for us this year.

Learn to read in 100 Easy Lessons- Reading
Explode the code- Phonics
A Reason For- Handwriting
Math U See (?)- We haven't 100% committed to math yet.
He will sit in on History, Science, Art, and Music with us as well.

Little Man:
Preschool toys and busy bags
Learning letters, shapes, and colors

I always love picking and organizing all our new curriculum. I think it is like Christmas morning for me. It may as well be it cost more than Christmas. :)

Did anyone else go to the convention? What did you find?


Amber said...

we've loved a reason for this year! we're definitely keeping the handwriting and maybe the spelling. has been a great success! excited to talk curriculum with you :)

Cory and Beth said...

We are looking into K12 for Izabella. Do you know if they will let us start her early since she misses the cut off date for Kindergarten? I was hoping we would have a chance with it being online but wasn't sure.

iheartdeals said...

You will have to check. I don't think they will enroll the kids until they are five, but some of the schools will enroll them mid year. Each region does it differently. It has been a very good experience for us so far. And we LOVE that it is free. :)