Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am so blessed with many wonderful examples of mothers in my life. Each of these ladies has special qualities that I love about them.

My Grandma B- She is a beautiful example of a gracious host. Her home is cared for with loving detail and she invites guests over and make delicious food to share. She and my grandpa love each other very much, and their marriage is a blessing to our family. I love that she read to all us grandkids growing up. She instilled a love for books in us.  She also make the best potatoes ever.

My Grandma M- She is a Godly example of patience, faithfulness, and love. My grandma has served her family without complaining or thought for herself. She always took time to play games with me even when she was busy. She let me come along side her as she worked, and made memories with us. I love talking to my grandma. I cherish our friendship as well as her example.Her jelly is a family favorite, and I am spoiled because of it.

My mom- My mom is a good friend. She always made time to help her friends and spend time with them. She has a fun energy that is contagious and people want to be around her. She did a great job  at making holidays special. She would decorate, bake and fill the house with lots of good memories. My mom is known for her cashew cookies.

My mother in law- She is sacrificial. She is always willing to give of her time and finances to take care of her family. She is willing to drive down to watch my boys so Dan and I can have time to get away. She gives up some of her own activities to help us out. She shows up for the important things in her kids lives. She also taught me how to make her veggie pizza that is super yummy.

Maribeth- I love that I have an extra mom in my life. She is an example of what it means to give in love. She gives of her time, resources, and life. She doesn't do anything half way. I'm blessed that even though I may not be her biological daughter. She is my mom just the same. She has a secret no bake cheesecake recipe that is very yummy.

My Aunt Betsy- She is so thoughtful. She is wonderful at sending cards and gifts. She picks such great books for my boys. She is so good at making you feel special with the perfect note or thoughtful gift. She puts extra effort into the details from gift wrap to fun traditions.  I am not very good at this, but I am hoping to get better. She makes delicious cheesecake and lots of other super tasty treats.

I have so many other awesome moms surrounding me. I am so grateful for the example they each set. It gives me something to strive for as I keep growing into the mom I want to be. Happy Mother's Day (a little late) to all the mommies in my life!

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