Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shower time

My little sis (in law) is getting married! They have waited forever and it is finally almost here! A few weeks ago I got to go back to my hometown and help throw a bridal shower for her. We had a lot of fun. It was great because all the bridesmaids had different interests so we all were able to use our own talents to make the shower happen.

It was fun because I just brought little man along with me. We had some special alone time which is very rare. He joined me at the shower and all his great aunts spoiled him rotten. I think he was on a permanent sugar high the entire time.

After the shower we went to stay the night with my best friend since middle school. Her hubby is at Basic right now, and my hubby stayed home so it was like an old fashion sleep over. We stayed up and talked until our eyes wouldn't stay open any longer. It was great. How blessed am I to have a friend who has stuck it out with me through the majority of my life! I love her and I am so so thankful for our friendship. It was a fun trip and I loved seeing family and friends. I know I am looking forward to the wedding too!

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