Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring cleaning: Bathroom

I know it isn't officially spring yet, but I am starting my cleaning a little early. I tackled the bathroom first. I think I start there because it is small and easy. Then I have one room finished and I can move down my list. Downside, I'm pretty sure this is the room that stays clean the shortest time. Here is a run down of what I did:

Wipe down top of shower, fixtures, and clean shower and tub.
Throw away any gross bath toys (we had a lot of nasty ones). Wash the keepers.
Check all shampoos and soaps. Condense if possible ( I had two of the same conditioner in there!). Throw away empty bottles, replace razors, and replace soaps if needed. 
Launder rugs, shower curtain, and hand towels.
Scrub toilet and surrounding floor.
Clean mirror.
Polish fixtures.
Disinfect doorknobs and lightswitches.
Remove everything from shelves and dust "pretties" and dust shelves.
Clean counters.
Wash out sink.
Pull everything out from under the sink.
Wipe down empty vanity and pipes.
Organize anything that is out of place.
Throw away any trash.
I found some items to put in my garage sale box.
I bought a little bin at the dollar store to keep girl products tidy. 
Sweep and mop floor on hands and knees (Don't forget baseboards).
Wipe down doors.
Put rugs, curtains, and towels back up.

YAY, for a clean room. I think the living room is up next. Maybe by summer I will actually have spring cleaned my whole house. 

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