Monday, February 13, 2012

I love you because...

 You are my baby. You love me so hard. You are just as cute and precious as could be. You are so funny. You make us laugh all the time. You are obedient. You are kind. You love your brothers. You are an artist. You wear your blankie like a cape. You have an entourage of stuffed animals. You will not be left behind. You eat your vegetables first. You love to brush your teeth. You are so such a snuggler. You can almost always get me to give in. Your little voice is adorable. You are my little man.
 Life would be so much less exciting with out you. You fight EVERY bad guy. You change clothes 50 times a day. You are my big helper. You keep us all on our toes. You are such a good brother. You love to talk about Jesus. You are crazy smart. You cuddle me every morning. You have an opinion, and you aren't afraid to share it. You are so stubborn. You are so good at building legos. You love doing school. You are so sweet. You are such a big boy. You have a strong sense of justice. You love to dress up. You are full of life and energy. You are adorable. You are my Bubba boy.
 You ooze energy. You love life. You have "crazy hair". You love your friends so much. You are a great soccer player. You can't wait for your sister, and talk about her all the time. You talk about everything you think about. It is so fun to hear how you are processing things. You are such a big help. You are so smart, and you love history. You love learning about Jesus and memorizing Bible verses. You love animals, and you know more animal facts than me. You get so excited. You are becoming a young man that I am so proud of.

You are my hero. You are more patient than anyone I know. You are kind and loving and compassionate. You make me laugh. You are always warm. You are super hot. You work harder than anyone I know. You love Christ and lead your family toward him. You are there for your friends. You are the best daddy ever. You are a servant. You are a leader. You are strong. You maintain a level head when I am going nuts. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and my husband.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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