Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Changing it up

I'm not sure if this is normal, but I love to rearrange my house. It drives my hubby crazy. I can't help it. I blame my mom. I remember coming home from school as a kid and the whole living room would have been switched. She couldn't stand for something to look the same too long. My grandma did it too. Maybe it is genetic.

 I LOVE when the look of something changes. Usually, it is only little things. You know, moving picture frames, Rearranging knick knacks, maybe switching where throw rugs go. Sometimes, though, I throw my poor family for a curve. Like the other day. I switched the cupboard the glasses are in. I love it. It is so much more efficient. It is closer to the plates, the fridge, the dishwasher. It just makes sense to have them there. Oh, but my guys are all thrown off. They go for a cup and now they see crackers. Little man wants milk and he is angry when I got to the "wrong" cupboard.

I know it drives them crazy. I have done this to my boys several times. They wake up from nap and their toys are in new bins. Or their desks are in a different setting. I will move their rooms around or organize their clothes from closets to dressers. I am just trying to find what works best. The truth is what works best changes depending on where we are as a family. Sometimes we need room for bottles other times we don't. Sometimes we need a shelf for baby toys sometimes we need it for legos.

So, am I weird? Does anyone else like to constantly change things up?

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