Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So, more and more I am realizing that my kids will cost more money the older they get. It is those moments when we go through a dozen eggs in a sitting or they eat an entire pizza before I get any. That's when I realize my grocery budget is only going up.

The one thing I kinda thought I would have was hand me downs. I have 3 boys. That means they can all wear each others clothes, right? It has worked fairly well up until now...

These bad boys were bought brand new this summer. Not only did Isaac out grow them he DESTROYED them. So, I guess I can add shoes to the list of things that will be more expensive as my men grow.  I am all about buying used, but we looked at both Goodwill and Once upon a child with no luck though.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to say I am thankful I found an awesome pair of new shoes at the Adidas outlet for only $7.48 this weekend, so have no fear my child will not be shoeless.  Which was less expensive then used shoes at Once upon a Child. YAY.

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