Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Better late than never

I know I am a little late, but I wanted to post a few pictures of my adorable little men from Halloween.
For Trick or Treating I had two ninja turtles and a bat. They loved going door to door. Levi actually did amazing. He loved getting candy to put in his bag. He is so funny. He loves filling bags.
We also attended a trunk or treat at a local church the weekend before Halloween. We don't really do a costume for each kid they more pick out of a bin we keep in the toy room. They are happy with it and I can buy costumes on clearance. Every one wins. Levi was a bat for Trunk or treat too. He just wasn't in the picture here.
 He was busy sitting on a pumpkin stem. I don't think he understood why this was so uncomfortable.
 When we got to Trunk or Treat there was a little boy in a scary mask behind us. Levi looked at him and thought for a minute. Then he started growling at him and laughing. I guess he is hard to scare.
 The boys with our pumpkins They were pretty cool.
Levi enjoying a snack of cider and cookies. Yummy. 
Here are two of our pumpkins all lit up. See Batman. Pretty cool, huh? I didn't carve it, but I liked it. 

So there you have it our Halloween adventures.

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