Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping it real

I have had a lot of wonderful friends ask us recently how things are going with the adoption. I love my friends. I love that they are checking in with us and asking how I'm doing, but let me be straight with you. If you ask you are in for an earful.

I'm not good at fake. So, when some one asks how things are going here is the typical answer:

Long....It's taking forever. I mean we probably have at least another year. It's slow, nothing is moving. I'm so ready for her to be home it is ridiculous.

There may be more to my rant depending on the time of day you catch me, but I've given up the happy go lucky moving right along attitude. I feel like at this point it's pointless to pretend it isn't killing me that it is taking forever. So, please feel free to ask how things are going, but know it won't be a quick walk by with a smile. You could be in for a mild melt down depending on how I'm doing at that moment.


Amber said...

its ok to miss your girl like crazy and want her home in your arms!!!! praying for your whole family abby! feel free to meltdown on my anytime :)

iheartdeals said...

Thanks, Amber. Trust me it may happen. :)

RNSomewhere said...

I'll take a meltdown from you anyday, girl. Hugs to you...we love you guys!