Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freezer cook

I know I haven't been posting much lately. It is because I have been really busy. One of the adventures was yet another freezer cook weekend with the lovely Tami. We ended up with 36 meals when we were done. I'm pretty sure it was our biggest cook yet. And I can tell you my freezer knows it. Currently Dan's heavy tool box is on our chest freezer to keep it shut.  We are classy like that.

So our day started a little like this... Oh, wait did I mention I started the day off at our local Children's museum before we headed to Tami's to cook, yep, I'm crazy, but...
 My good friend came in town to see us, and we miss them tons. So, of course the two of us had to take our six BOYS to Boonshoft for some fun.
 My boys loved the robot zoo.
 This game was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure we spent at least 30 mins just playing with it.
Where's Bubba?
 Precious little Declan is seriously adorable. He is so happy. I love him!
 My baby is getting so big! And he always has a messy little mouth. Uh, melt a mama's heart.
Then there is this kid. He is my little buddy. And he is not the least bit camera shy. He is such an adorable little goof ball. Our oldest boys have been best buddies since birth, but they didn't want to get their pictures so they are left out.

After we wore out my kiddos we headed over to Tami's place to do some cooking. We started with four kiddos and no daddies. That makes it much more interesting. 

But they are adorable distractions. 
Here is Tami hard at work. We had prepped the 75lbs of chicken the weekend before. Tami cooked the ground meat up the night before so we were able to move quickly on knocking some meals out. 
Yummy Shepherd's pie. We each got 3. 
There was a TON of chicken. 
 Our awesome hubbies helped us bag and pack up.
 He is so stinking handsome!
 The end result!

Tami has a list with links to most of our meals we made so I will let you check that out here.

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