Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh, happy day!

Oh, it is my favorite unofficial holiday. Cow appreciation day is here. Seriously I love this day. I dress my whole crew up and we RUN in for a free meal. Woo Hoo! All you have to do is dress like a cow and BOOM free Chick Fil A meal. This is coming up on July 8 and any of my other mommy CFA fans who want to join me I will be there with bells on (literally) at 11! I'm so excited. Who's in?

This is national I believe so if you aren't in Dayton you can catch a free meal at your local Chick Fil A. As always call ahead to make sure they are participating.


Karen Wilson said...

You are what Chick-fil-A calls a RAING FAN, you might already know that! :-) Loved your post. I am a friend of yo mommas! I am also the marketing director at the store in Mishawaka. Thanks for sharing the Love---chicken news. Would love to see your "get up" for the 8th.

iheartdeals said...

Oh, there will be pictures. My kids love to dress up as much as I do. We love us some Chicken!!!