Tuesday, June 21, 2011

23 years ago

I have a ton of memories of child hood. I have two huge things that happened to me when I was four. The first was that I gave my life to Jesus at a VBS. The second happened 23 years ago today. The four and a half years up until that point I was an only child. But on the first day of summer my baby sister was born.

I remember my dad carrying me to the neighbors in the middle of the night. (It may have only been like 10pm, but I had been asleep so go with it.) I woke up the next morning and my neighbor Mary let me have a doughnut for breakfast. Then she took me across the street to my friend Todd's house. He wasn't up yet, but his mom told me that my dad would be there soon to pick me up. She asked if I was excited to be a big sister. And I was.

My dad came to get me soon after. All of my excitement spilled over and I went running down the sidewalk to get to the car. Unfortunately, I have never been graceful. In my running I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and skinned my face all up. I'm not so sure what it really looked like, but I know that there were many tears shed and several bandaids needed before we could get to the hospital to see my sister.

I don't actually remember meeting her for the first time, but I have seen pictures. I vividly remember the face plant I did before hand, though. Plus, I have many many memories between then and now. I know I loved her and was thrilled to have MY baby. I know I took my job very seriously as a big sister. I still do.

Happy Birthday, sissy. I hope you had a wonderful day. I love you lots and lots. You'll always be my baby. (Chime in Mariah Carey)

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