Monday, June 27, 2011

My binder

I have noticed that lately my couponing and sale shopping has looked a little different. Now with freezer cooking I am doing a lot less shopping each week. Sales and coupon match ups are not (in my opinion) what they used to be. Plus, we have been eating a lot more produce and a lot less snacky type foods (or at least we try to). All that to say, a lot of my pretty little coupons are sitting unused in my very unattended binder.

This poor binder is so out of control and unorganized. I have found that I just don't spend as much time on shopping and saving as I used to. So, we needed a little restructuring. Today, I had a little time to sit and "fix" my system. 

I went ahead and pulled out all my baseball card holders and just left in the page protectors. I was finding I didn't like having to put each coupon in it's slot. The time wasn't reaping enough benefit. ( I still love the idea and think it is a lot easier to find the coupons in a pinch.) So, each category has a page protector. I am just clipping coupons I am pretty sure I will use. Then I keep the inserts in a page protector in the back so if an awesome get it for free deal comes along I have it. 

In front I still have my scissors and a post it pad to label the dates of the inserts. This is not as hard core as my old system, but it is low maintenance. Which is very appealing these days.

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Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

I have a binder set up and ready for coupons to be added, but I am afraid that I won't really use it after I put all the work into it. I agree that the sales and coupons are NOT what they used to be :-/ Pretty depressing!