Saturday, June 4, 2011

Laundry soap cost break down

Last night I finally got around to making my laundry soap. While I am not a huge Walmart fan, they did have all the ingredients in one spot. Here is a break down of what each item cost.

Borax- $2.97
Washing soda- $2.77
Fels Naptha soap- $0.97

I bought 2 bars of soap because I wasn't sure how much it would make grated. One bar grated was about 4 cups. I doubled the recipe and have a TON of stuff left. If my calculations are right (which they may not be...) I should get around 256 loads out of what I bought with plenty of washing soda and borax left over. Everything cost right around $8. So, cost wise this is way cheaper. I have only used it on a load of towels which weren't stained so I can't speak much for that so far, but it smells fresh.

I did add some Tide stain release powder that I had on hand just as a booster. We'll see when we run a load of the boys clothes if it does a good job. So far I am happy though with the amount for the cost.

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