Monday, May 16, 2011

the 3rd child

This picture sums up some of the differences between my first and third child. You see, today we are staying home. What you can't see in this picture is that Levi's pants don't match his shirt. With #1 I sometimes would dress him in several cute outfits a day just to see how cute he was. #3 is lucky to be dressed in clean clothes.

Another difference you would notice is that the string cheese in this picture is whole. I didn't cut it up for easier to eat pieces. Nope, I just slapped it on the table and called it good. No plate needed.

I think that the thing that most screams at me as different are the toy GUNS.  When Isaac was small we didn't let him play with guns. Now, we are not morally or otherwise opposed to guns. I just didn't feel like my toddler should be wielding one before he could say the word. Ah, how times have changed. My house is strewn with little nerf bullets, swords, light sabers, and pirate hooks. It is not unusual for the dog to be taken captive before 9am.

I find the difference somewhat amusing. Levi is healthy and happy. He is well adjusted. He is not choking on his food, he has perfectly good clothes, and he is having lots of fun trying to keep up with his big brothers. I know that this is the way it goes with younger kids. It is just a little giggly that's all.

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