Thursday, October 28, 2010

Losing my will to shop

So, this month has been insane for us. I really can't believe it is almost over! It has been amazing stuff going on. I had a birthday. We did our Spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We have been working on lots for adoption. We had the youth fall retreat. I've been babysitting Mondays, Tuesday School on Tuesdays along with House church, Wednesdays have Awana, Thursday I get to meet with a couple of awesome girls from our student ministry, and every weekend is booked out through December.

I feel like every one we know lately is in this mode. The go, go, go mode. I think sleep has gone down on the priority list, working out hasn't happened. My DVR is almost full since I never watch it any more. My house is messy, my yard needs work, there are projects to do. Homeschooling has even been struggling (thankfully we are in preschool and a lot of our learning can be accomplished in two days of focused school).

In the midst of all this my grocery shopping has taken a back seat. I have seen some amazing deals coming through that I have passed on simply because I haven't had a chance to get to the store. Praise the Lord for my stockpile. I haven't had to do much out side of dairy and produce shopping this month. Somehow, I have been way under budget the past two months for groceries. I think I have enough of a stock to get me through the next month and then I will have to start kicking it back in gear. Until then I apologize for my lack of posts and enthusiasm. It will be back some day when life slows down....

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