Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall fun

One of my favorite times of year is fall. I love the weather change before it gets bitter cold. I love the leaves, the colors, the pumpkins, the candy, the free burritos on Halloween, and of course as you all know this kicks into high gear my love affair with hot chocolate (with whipped cream and sprinkles soooogood). One of the things I love to do is take the kids outside and take pictures of them in their fall duds and with the changing seasons and all. So, this weekend we went out and got a few shots. There was little cooperation from my little men so we will go back out and try again, but we did get a few good shots here are a few I liked.
 Me and my boys
 Levi loved Daddy's hat


 So much handsome

 couldn't get them all to look at once
 Me and my honey
 Could he be any cuter?

 That is my pink hair. I like it.
Ok, maybe it was more than a few, but I just love these little ones and I have to show them off.

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