Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to do kindergarten for cheap

Ok, so as you know I love to save a few dollars so I am all about really really inexpensive ways to do our home schooling this year. Here are a few of the resource I am using. So far I am really impressed with this site. They have online games and lots of printables for FREE. They also have some resources available to purchase, but honestly I'm super happy with the freebies.

Another program I like is hooked on phonics. Now, if you were like me you made a lot of fun of this when you were a kid. But it is honestly a great program. This is the program I have and it has been awesome for Isaac. However, the actual website Hooked on Phonics runs great sales on their overstock. I think I paid less than $20 for a two year program.

Another great place to snag deals is the dollar spot at Target. They have lots of workbooks, educational toys, and other great tools to keep on hand. Right now they have bags of counting blocks which are great for Pre K. Use them to work on patterns, colors, counting, or sorting. I find keeping egg cartons are good for making patterns and sorting.

Other sites I have found that I like are:

These are a few of my faves I also have lots of books I've found at garage sales and other fun stuff I have acquired from here or there.  Any one else have a fave site to share or a program you love?

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