Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why would you want to home school.

This video makes me giggle because I can tell this is what some people are thinking when we tell them we plan to home school. While the train of 25 kids may  not be too far off from the truth, I like to think we are a pretty normal family.

So why do I want to home school my kids? I have a long list of reasons, but before I get into any of them I want to say that we don't think this is the only right option. Dan and I are not 100% sure that we will home school all our children until they graduate. We see huge benefit in doing so, but we also know we can't tell the future. We don't know that public or private education may not meet our family's needs later down the road. But for now we see home schooling as the option we are choosing to start with.

I have always loved teaching materials. I would play school all the time as a kid. I love making bulletin boards and putting together lesson plans. I love to teach kids. So for me this was a great way to use that passion. As Dan and I talked about it this has always been what we have leaned toward. We want to be in charge of training our children's hearts. We want to teach them the fundamentals of what we believe and why. We are firm believers that we are in charge of our children's education no matter what form that may be. Even if they were in school we would still be very involved. I love the fact that home schooling allows me to pour into my kids during a precious time I'll never get back. We have seen families who home school who are so close and I feel like a large part of that is the investment the parents are willing to put in during the younger years.

I am not saying this is the best or only way. It just is something I am looking forward to for this coming year. I know God is going to teach me so much through this experience.

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