Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh so organized

Ok, in case you haven't met me I love to organize. That doesn't mean my house reflects that, but I do love a clean closet. is hosting a clear the clutter challenge and I have decided to join. I had decided not to throw a garage sale this year. We never get the traffic I hope for and a lot of times it is just not worth my time. So early this year we sent a haul of our old stuff to a local thrift store. However, now we are starting to save for something REALLY exciting, but also REALLY expensive so we are starting to gather things to sell.

So, today I am going to tackle my hall closet and living room. I feel like I redo the hall closet all the time, but it gets bad frequently. So I will be back with pictures, hopefully today. I am looking forward to some prettier space and finding stuff to get rid of. I'm finding I am a slight minimalist.

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