Saturday, April 17, 2010

clearly I need motivation

I am not doing as much as I had hoped to accomplish. Toys are organized, my closet is organized. I organized the big boys closet and dresser. I started on my night stand, but I need to finish that. By the end of this month I hope to have all my nooks, crannies, and clutter collector areas organized. Here are a few things I have to accomplish until then...

Craft supplies
Kitchen cupboards
Bathroom closet
Linen closet
school supplies
laundry room
stockpile and freezer

And my dirty little secret... THE GARAGE...
So hopefully this week I can get on some of the small stuff and then I will need some hubby help to get through the garage. I'm determined though that this month is for spring cleaning. We need to find some serious stuff for a garage sale. We are hoping to really raise some money for a really big expense we have coming up.

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