Friday, May 22, 2009

yard work makes me happy!

I realize I get excited about strange things...but this weekend we are staying home to catch up on yard work. Dan decided that he wanted to get some stuff done, and I just couldn't be happier. I know I won't be much help, but to have at least the front and side yard looking nice will be wonderful. Our backyard needs lots of love though. I am afraid it may not ever really look that good. I'm hoping at least to get some of the large holes filled in so the boys and I aren't falling all the time. Also, I'm hoping to get flowers planted. That helps everything. We finally have a For sale by owner sign in the front yard. Not really too many bites, but I'm just happy it is there. If nothing takes off we will try listing it at the beginning of the the year with a Realtor.

I always think it's cute when my kids try to help with yard work.

I love that Isaac tries to mow with his daddy. Then they get an ice cream sandwich for their help.

My garage looks awful because we are preparing for a garage sale. So don't mind that mess.

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