Monday, April 6, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

So tomorrow we are leaving to visit my family in AZ. I am attempting to be prepared while not over packing. I'm a terrible over packer. I was able to fit all our clothes, shoes, diapers, and other good stuff in our 2 checked bags. Now it is time for the carryons. This has become an increasingly interesting task each time we fly due to security regulations. I have learned to keep all liquids in one bag on top in a ziplock bag. I usually am able to take a few juice boxes or a sealed milk cup, but it depends on who is doing security. Sometimes they see a family with two toddlers and are happy to help, sometimes not so much. Typically, Columbus is very friendly and helpful. I am hoping that since our plane takes off at 12:30 the kids will nap for us. I brought lots of goodies in case, but if they don't nap it will be a very interesting evening.

The plane ride has become some what routine. Honestly this time we will take much less than usual. I have no one that needs a bottle, I should only need a handful of diapers. I will only take one extra pair of clothes since we are not typically exploding anymore. (I'll still take a back up because we all know if you don't plan for it, it will happen. ) I am packing us each a lunch because who wants to pay for airport food. It is overpriced and not very good. I will take empty sippy cups and water bottles to fill on the other side of security. I have printed out our A boarding pass in case they don't let us pre board this time. So I feel like I have prepared for what I can.

What I can't prepare for is the time change or how it will affect my kids. They are 3 hours behind us there. This could possilbly pose a problem when my kids wake up at 4 am ready to go. Or when they are ready for bed at 6 pm and we just left for a fun night out. This is the type of thing I have to just pray works out. I have no control over it.

We are planning on going to the Pheonix zoo, Rawhide ( a cowboy town, Isaac is so excited.), ride my moms horses, see extended family, and go out to dinner at a resteraunt my dad works at. I think it will be a good time. My parents have a pool, and we hope to take the boys swimming. They have a pool alarm on their door, but I am a little nervous of having open water that close.

I should probably get back to work. I need to finish packing and get the house cleaned while the boys nap. Yay, for traveling with kids.

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