Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garage sale and House for sale

So I am trying to get ready to do a garage sale next week. I do one almost every year. I can't believe how much stuff we have to get rid of every year. This year is no exception. So I am working on going through closets, and cupboards. Just to find any extra trash to treasure. Some things I still really like, I just don't have room for. Others are things we don't use or I am not a big fan of.

Plus, with trying to sell our house I am in need of decluttering. We will either have to rent a storage unit or sell stuff. I'm in a minimalist mood so we are going to try to sell some furniture. Our living room set (which is soooo comfy) was my parent's, but we have a nicer looking set in our basement. So we are going to try to sell the yellow couch and love seat and move the newer set upstairs. Then the down stairs will be mostly used as a playroom.

Please pray with us that we find a buyer quickly. We really need more space! The boys are not sleeping well now that they are sharing a room. I was hoping they would just get used to it, but I'm afraid for this time in their life it just isn't working. Plus, I'd love to have a place for our family to stay when they visit. I know God is awesome and he can do all things so I am just praying he sells our house and has the perfect one waiting for us. However, I need to be patient and if that is not his timing or his plan I need to remeber he has blessed us with the home we have.

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