Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm surrounded!

So we found out that we are having our third boy. While I hate to admit I was disappointed; I really had my hopes up for some estrogen. Even the dog and cat are male! So for the first few days I was sad. I will admit I cried, but I'm pregnant and hormonal and it happens. :) I am obviously happy that our coming son is healthy and growing fine. I love both my boys to pieces and I wouldn't change either of them in any way (well, maybe potty train Isaac!). None the less. I am realizing the advantage to another boy is that I am going to save a bundle on clothes. I did go ahead and splurge on new bedding for this one. My favorite thing to prepare for baby is the nursery. Some how I feel jipped if I don't get to do something fun and new for each special baby. Dan is actually painting the room as I type. We went with a fun circle pattern with green yellow and brown. I think I will do stuffed monkeys this round. I have a few and will keep an eye out for fun decor at garage sales.

It is strange to not need to buy much this time around. Saving the money will be great don't get me wrong, but I just feel so stagnant in preparing. I am trying to put my energy (or lack there of) into other things. Like preparing our house to put on the market (so much to do!). Due to the economy and my ever continuing quest to be more thrifty, I am working on cutting our budget before little man arrives. I am trying to save for a few large goals (1. Save for new house 2. pay off van 3. trip to Disney this fall.) So I'm working on the best ways to cut out more of our household expenses. I have cut our entertainment budget quite a bit. We mostly do freebies at the parks and library with the kids. I am usually able to keep our grocery budget to about $50 a week give or take depending on the week's menu. This summer is nice because I had bought most of Isaac's summer clothes last year on clearance or was given hand me downs. Dan needed one pair of shorts and a pair of flip flops which I bought on sale. Asher can wear all Isaac's clothes from last year. I will possibly need a few new shirts since mine all shrunk. :( But I will keep an eye out at garage sales. So my next venture will be learning how to be more home economic. I'm hoping to try growing some of my own veggies this year. I'm trying to be more electricity savvy. I'm hanging clothes out to dry instead of running the dryer. So yeah, I'm working on it before we have another little one to buy diapers for.

Ah, the joys of being a stay at home mom. I make my income in savings so I have to work at it. Ok I think I'm done rambling for tonight. Now off to do some more laundry before bed.


Amber said...

i am ALWAYS looking for more ways to save! starting in july there is a farmer's market every wed. here in the burg. it is so so good and i save a ton of money on all my veggies! i try to plan my menus around that and it really helps. just thought i'd let you know :)

Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

I cried when I found out that we are having a girl. We were certain that we were having a boy. I felt terrible, but I blamed it on the hormones :-P We are ecstatic now that she is a girl :-)

Way to go on being thrifty! I think that the monkey idea for the nursery is adorable!!!

I bought most of Izabella's summer wardrobe last year when it was clearanced as well. I don't think I spent over $4 for an outift (shorts and shirt). I LOVE sales; I think I'm addicted to finding a good deal!

I hope that your pregnancy continues to go well. Are you feeling better?

iheartdeals said...

I can't wait to get to the farmer's market. I have heard such good things I just never got there. We will have to plan a trip together, Amber. I'm more motivated when I have company. :)