Thursday, August 8, 2013


This little girl has stolen my heart. I knew I'd love her. I have fallen head over heels since the moment we laid eyes on her picture. We met her and she was just precious. We brought her home, and she just fit here.
But something I didn't expect happened. I knew I'd love her. I knew it would be fun. I prayed for her to attach to us quickly. I prayed that she would adjust to the crazy that is our home. I prayed she would get along with her brothers. I prayed that she would feel secure and loved.
God heard our prayers. He answered them, and went beyond. He took this orphan who was alone, and gave her to us. The little girl in the pictures barely smiled. The little girl we met was unsure, emotionless, and sullen. The little girl we brought home was scared, anxious, and didn't want to be with us. In a matter of days a transformation happened. This little girl was not just mine by law or by name, but she is MINE. She is my daughter. She is opinionated and spunky. She is cuddly and crazy. She loves to wear dresses and wrestle. She sword fights wearing beads and a tiara. This sweet girl has blessed our whole family.

I am amazed at how good God is. He knew exactly who was supposed to be in our family. I could not have picked a more perfect child for us. Her brothers are quick to protect her, patient with her, and love to help her. She is a daddy's girl to her core. He walks in the door and she lights up. She is my little helper and beauty consultant. She helps me all day by singing the clean up song while the boys pick up, licking the clean silverware and giving it to me out of the dishwasher, throwing the boys shoes at them as a friendly reminder not to leave them in the living room. She is also so helpful with my fashion. It is very important that I wear jewelry at all times. Also she is always happy to help brush my hair. Such a great helper! I love it.

She is loud and crazy. She is quite the gymnast. She drinks milk like it is going out of style. She sings all day long. Her favorite food is meat. She already loves cartoons. She likes to go bye bye. She will actually sit and play with all these table toys I have been so excited about for so long that my boys thought were torture. She is so much fun.

Honestly, I figured there would be all kinds of hurdles. There are tantrums, but they are mild. There is screaming, but usually it is because she is happy. There are moments of pure crazy, but we do have four kids. The beauty in all of this is the joy this gorgeous girl brings. She has only been home for eight weeks, and I don't know how our family functioned with out her. She finishes us out beautifully. She is completely ours, and we are so blessed.

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