Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School picks

This year will be very interesting with school. I will have a toddler again. That always proves to have extra challenges. I am excited that she is good at sitting for short periods of time and focusing. So we will hopefully have activities to keep her busy so we can move through our other work.

This year each boy has his own curriculum. It will be a challenge teaching each on his own work, but it will be a fun challenge. Isaac is doing K12 again this year. In some ways I love this curriculum. It allows him to work independently for some subjects which is super helpful. It is a lot of work  for him though. There are a lot of workbooks, and assessments. The down side of a complete curriculum is you have to take the good with the bad. For Isaac the good has won out, and we will keep going this year.

For Bubba this year I am picking and choosing a modge podge of different materials. We will be using My Father's World First Grade for the base of our curriculum. Then we will be supplementing quite a few things. For phonics we are using Explode the code,  reading we are using pathway readers and workbooks, Kumon workbooks for math and reading. I have Math U See for our math program.  I have First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind for our Language Arts. We are going to be listening to the Story of the World audio book for History.  For science we will be using Things Outdoors and Science with Water.

Preschool will be fun because I have two preschoolers. Both of them are pretty good at sitting and doing "work". There will be lots of coloring sheets, stickers, lacers, games, and calendar time.

We will be enjoying circle time together as a group. We will do our calendar, weather, counting, ABCs, devotions, and story. Then we will split for seat work and math. After lunch my littles will rest and we will do our Bible, History, Science, Art, and Language Arts.

We will be doing a co-op again this year. We are looking forward to it. We plan to do several field trips, soccer, basketball, AWANA,  and some fun other extra curricular. So that is our basic plan for the year. I am really excited for this school year.

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