Monday, July 8, 2013

One month

One month ago we picked up our little girl FOREVER! They brought her out to us and we never have to give her back. Most nights I go to be with pure and utter thankfulness. Last night I sat on my couch looking across the room at the man God blessed me with as a husband. There are toys on the floor, dust on the furniture, dishes in the sink, and I am so thankful. Our family is whole again after such a long wait.

Our house is loud. Our girl is just like our boys. Full of energy and noise. She is opinionated and sassy. She can't leave her room without her beads. She plays in the dirt and chases the boys. She wrestles and giggles and kisses and screams. She is pure joy with spurts of crazy temper tantrums. She is obsessed with cocoa wheats. She puts every sticker she gets in the middle of her forehead. She is silliness all day. She is learning so much each day.

God knew exactly who was supposed to join our family. I am so thankful for my crew. Each of the blessings God has given us is a precious gift. Each of them is amazing and has unique characteristics that make them wonderful. I feel so blessed beyond words. Thanking Jesus daily that "he does not leave us as orphans" He didn't leave me as an orphan in His spiritual family, and my daughter is no longer an orphan on this earth. Praise the Lord for He is good.

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