Friday, December 9, 2011

Mommy party

The other day I invited a few friends over for a Mommy party. I had the opportunity to host a Winnie the Pooh viewing party sponsored by Oral B.  They sent us some fun goodies to share with our friends and the new movie to watch together.

 The big boys were very excited to help decorate. They loved the balloons that were in our party kit.
 So excited to watch the movie!
 Getting snuggly and warm during the show.
 Every one found a place to crash in comfort.
 Here is more of the gang.
Drinking some hot chocolate with a popcorn snack. Oral B provided some fun goody bags with a toothbrush, tooth paste, baby wash and some coupons! I love to see how excited the kids get over "special toothpaste" and new toothbrushes. In our house that is very motivating to want to brush our teeth often... Thanks, Oral B and MommyParties for all the fun. We loved having our friends over to share a movie, snacks, and new things to try.

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