Friday, December 9, 2011


 Here are a few pictures from our cookie decorating adventures. Dan and I had some fun and decorated some the first night once the kids were in bed. It is always fun to do things together minus kids once in awhile.
 The next night we let the kids do some cookie art after dinner. Little man didn't realize that it wasn't just for eating. He did two cookies then fell into a sugar coma. :) Bubba fell asleep during dinner so he missed the first half of the fun, but he was a little happier after a quick nap. 
 Isaac had a blast this year. He is just starting to enjoy doing these kinds of things. He was not into anything remotely like coloring, but apparently he is moving past that in the name of sugar.
 So happy about his man.
 So happy about his candy.
 He eventually woke up and joined us.
All done and delicious. I used this recipe I found on Pintrest. It did not disappoint and I think it will be our new fave sugar cookie recipe. What cookies are you making this year?

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