Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaching tots

The other day while I was at Target I saw a pack of craft pom poms in the dollar spot. I had seen some other people online in the blog world using these for different projects and I thought they may be good to have on hand. I bought each boy a pencil box to hold his school supplies. When I got to Levi's I had nothing to put in because he can't have free access to scissors, glue, or crayons. So, I put the pack of pom poms in with an old tick tack toe board from the dollar spot as well.
I gave the box today to Levi while the other boys were working on their table work. I added a cup from an IKEA stacking set.

This has been a fun morning for little man. He has filled the cup dumped it into his box. Dumped the balls on the floor and "cleaned up".  We named the colors. We counted. These little dollar deals may have just provided lots of learning and distraction for my toddler who wants to be involved.

I will continue to look for objects around the house that will keep Levi busy and learning while we are doing school each morning. Any one else have any free or inexpensive ideas for toddler learning?

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Tiffygator said...

I just started homeschooling my almost 5 year old. It is a challenge to keep my 3 year old busy during school time. She has her own school box, but the only thing in it is chalk that she can use on the chalk side of our art board and an eraser. Pretty much every day, I give her scissors and she sits and cuts a piece of paper to shreds.

I did find a free e-book that had one article with lots of good ideas in it for toddler things to do. I can email you the book if you like.