Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 My Bubba boy will be doing preschool this year and he is ready! He let me know that it is time for him to learn to read. He needs to be doing school right now. Oh my son. This guy keeps me on my toes. My oldest struggles (like his momma) to focus. He loves to do everything. He just wants to do it all RIGHT NOW. Number two is completely different. Bubba is turbo focused. When he is doing something there is no stopping him until he is done...and done right. He is so smart. (like his daddy). He is in some ways my most difficult child. He has always needed extra. He is more emotional. He pushes the right buttons at the right time. He has a scream that makes the neighborhood dogs howl. But he is also my helper. He is a true servant. He is a love. He is constantly telling me he loves me. He is so giving. He will give his brother his food, his drink, or his toys even to the point that he goes with out. (obviously this isn't all the time, but I love seeing his giving nature.)

I think I am finding in some ways he may be more difficult, but with school I think he may be very easy. He focuses on the task at hand. He completes each assignment. He remembers most everything he learns. I am excited to be starting a more routine type of curriculum for my guy.
I love having all my boys in a little row. Each working on his own assignment, but loving being at home. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my children. They are such blessings.

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