Monday, July 11, 2011

It's not for's for me.

Levi is a jumping fool. He loves to bounce. Beds, trampolines, bouncy houses, mom. All things he loves to bounce on. That's why I want to one of these bad boys....Nursery TrampolineYep, I want a Nursery Trampoline. I have to tell you I had a trampoline as a kid. I want a big one some day. You know, when we have a back yard that is big enough to fit a trampoline in it. But this would fit perfect in our basement or even in the yard for a little bit of summer.

So this is definately going on my wish list. Hello, energy burner.  Yep, this is the stuff I think about while my kid is jumping on my couch even after we spent the morning at the park. 

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