Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why I love my job

This morning I woke up with a 2 year old in my bed. This has started to become a morning ritual. Every morning Asher crawls in bed with me and Dan. Then he stays when Dan gets up to get ready for work. This is how I start getting ready for work. I cuddle and snuggle sometimes for a long time sometimes for only a minute. Then the milk demands begin.

Usually Levi will start to fuss. So, I get up and get him a drink. Once I'm out of bed that is Asher's cue to get up as well. Asher's love language is milk so he begins his day asking (demanding) for milk. After we have a conversation about how you ask nicely I move back down the stairs to get him a cup of milk.

I have always know Isaac is a lot like his momma. His sleep is no exception. Usually he will slowly make his way downstairs when he hears noise and thinks he might be missing something. It takes Isaac a few minutes to wake up, but once he is awake he is usually happy go lucky and ready to go somewhere and do something.

After doling out breakfast I start cleaning it up while a pack of kids runs down to the toy room. From upstairs I hear the pretending. Asher makes his toys talk to each other. There is always a mommy and a daddy. Isaac finds a  toy to play with and starts leading a game. Levi squeals with delight as he gets into his big brother's toys. All happy noises for about 5 minutes.

Then there is a fight. Then there is a fall. Then there are kissing boo boos and giving time outs. There is the fight to get shoes on so we can get where we need to get on time. We're late again. The constant questions of what will we do today and why do we have to do that. The excitement of getting what they want and the teaching of how to handle disappointment when it isn't going how they like.

My job is never dull. There are dishes to be done, laundry to be processed, diapers to be changed, bottoms to be wiped, beds to be made, boo boos to kiss, lunches to pack, parks to be explored, groceries to buy, school to be taught, deep cleaning to think about doing someday, budgets to adjust, and so much more. There are lots of ups and downs sandwiched in the middle. The lag between nap and daddy walking in the door can sometimes seem like an eternity, and yet I love this job.

In the midst of the chaos there are cuddles. In the midst of the whining there are teachable moments. In the midst of the mess there is fun. I know that this is a season. Someday all too soon Saturday mornings won't consist of our whole family piling on mom and dad's bed to snuggle/wrestle. Someday all too soon there won't be out of control running around my kitchen while I desperately attempt to make something nutritious that is in budget and everyone will eat.

For now though I wake up to a two year old in my bed and get lots of kisses before bed time. All the ups and downs are sandwiched between cuddles and kisses. Who wouldn't love that job.

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